DeepLinx (DLX) Backlinking Network – Do Auto-Link Neighborhoods Actually Work?

Link neighbourhoods, or auto-link exchange networks, have been around for a while, but do they sky-rocket your rankings on auto-pilot like they promise?

Link Network Dangers

Google doesn’t like link networks.


Well because they can work really well!

You see generally Google doesn’t like anyone building links to raise their search rankings, especially when it works really well. They consider that cheating, even though SEOs are forced to do it in some form or another to get results.

Google’s Dream World

Obviously Google’s ideal world, and the real world are completely different. While Google doesn’t officially like link builders, their algorithm will just eat them up.

Google doesn’t like link networks because they work. Link networks can allow people to easily raise the search rankings of their sites.

But if Google figures it out, it can devalue all the links, or even worse punish the sites involved.

Luckily Google doesn’t discover all of them, and most go undetected. But if I didn’t tell you there was a small risk, I would not be being completely honest.

When to use auto link networks?

You might be wondering that if you might upset Google what is the point?

Well the point is that it is a very very easy to get higher rankings with zero effort. There is a risk, but if are smart you can make sure you benefit 100% from these networks.

Here’s how.

Use these networks to promote small sites that were quick to build or have little income to risk.

That way, in the rare case something does go wrong, you didn’t lose anything, but you will have made plenty of profit.

For example, you could churn out 10 mini sites in a week, and use a link network to promote it 100% hands off. Chances are those 10 sites will produce a profit forever. But if something goes wrong, only one weeks of work was at risk.

On the opposite end of the spectrum I would not use auto-link networks on your high profile sites that you might have put endless hours into.

Perfect for Link Networks

Sites which are perfect for link networks are…

* autoblogs
* mini-sites which were quick and easy to set up
* old sites that are not earning you much
* sites built just to sell links
* sites you are flipping (of course you should disclose your source of links)

Honestly, as long as you don’t go crazy link networks are generally safe, and will do a solid job at boosting your rankings for zero effort.

Often it can cost over $100 to get in on some of these underground secret link networks, but there you can get in on Dave Dunn’s DeepLinx (DLX) Backlinking Network for tiny one-off price.

The Link Network Plugin

You join Dave Dunn’s network using his new wordpress plugin.

This plugin uses an intelligent link network that contains an adaptive algorithm tailored to fit your site perfectly.

Using this advanced setup, the plugin scans each of your sites and decides on keypoints such as your keywords, content relevancy, and Google pagerank which then finds YOU the perfect backlink from its private network of sites.

Normally, joining a typical private network like this could cost you upwards of $50/month and the backlinks they deliver aren’t always contextual or relevant, which are two main factors that Google is relying on to determine rankings.

But with this plugin, you have a much better deal,plus an auto plugin, and then it immediately starts delivering relevant, contextual, do follow links to your site. You just have to install it once and you’re done.

Plugin Features

This link network plugin:

– Automatically scans your site and gives you contextual relevant links – boosting your SEO and profits
– Gives fresh relevant backlinks from newer sites with similar PR
– Continually monitors changes to your incoming link sources
– Never links your site with irrelevant content (this is a big one to Google)
– Super simple to install..
– Minimizes your backlinking efforts from hours of SEO, to simply entering a domain and pressing “GO”
– Runs on secure servers 24/7 so you never have to configure anything yourself
– And advanced users have full manual control to prioritise their keywords and URLs

In short, this link network delivers deep niche backlinks, and boosts your rankings which also increases profits. It is perfect for auto-blogs and mini-sites.

Dive in and Get DeepLinx (DLX) Backlinking Network Automated Link Plugin; hurry though, because the price is rising fast!

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