GET Backlink Skyrocket – SEO Revolutionary Software Guarantees Top Google Ranking!

GET Backlink Skyrocket - SEO Revolutionary Software

Over the past few days I had the chance to get a new SEO software which is bound to make its mark in the SEO industry. Essentially this is going to help you find your competitor’s HIGH PR backlinks and automatically post on those so that you can outrank them on the first page of Google.

I tested this software and was able to get 60+ high PR and relevant backlinks in just 3 clicks.

The great thing is that you can then automatically post to these backlinks using the built-in automated blog commenter.

Have a look at this revolutionary SEO software here: Backlink Skyrocket

There are actually 6 core SEO functions built inside this new SEO software:

1. a SERP analysis checker which looks like Traffic Travis (a $97 SEO software) which will allow you to analyze your first page competition in depth so that you know which SEO strategies to adopt.

2. a backlink extractor similar to the now defunct Yahoo Link Explorer which will help you to find your competitors best backlinks and sort them by Page Rank. Using this only will give you a very big edge on your competition

3. a high PR blog extractor which automatically finds relevant blogs that you can instantly post to in order to get some good backlink juice.

4. a CommentLuv blog extractor in order to get some seriously powerful backlinks from WordPress blogs using the CommentLuv plugin.

5. an automated comment and email generator so that you can randomly comment on the backlink sources the software has just found

6. a blog autoposter that will go out and post backlinks to all the sources you have found (this can be very easily abused).

Backlink Skyrocket Software Review

What about FREE Bonuses?

Dan and James are already giving away 2 great free bonuses:

Backlink Skyrocket Free Bonuses

The SEO software I mentioned has just gone live so the price is still at around $17. This is a real bargain, Get Backlink Skyrocket right now.

Backlink Skyrocket Software Review Video

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  1. suriya says:

    It seems a great software. However, I would like to know more about high pr backlinks. If anyone know about this please help me to know. Thanks!

  2. sms take says:

    thanks for giving the how to do online business.

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