Pligg Submitter Review – Auto Bookmark & Backlink Builder

Pligg Submitter Review

Google is moving further and further away from relying on traditional backlinks to determine rankings.

They now look at MANY different signals including diversity of backlinks, the context in which backlinks are used, and MOST importantly social signals such as bookmarks and your social following.

That’s why Maulana has created an automated software that sends you THOUSANDS of social bookmarks and backlinks from all across the web at the push of a button.

This not only boosts your rankings, but also makes you look more relevant to Google.

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SOCIAL 2012!

The great thing about this software is the signals it sends are very social!

You see, it was becoming super easy to game Google’s algorithms by building thousands of backlinks and they knew it.

That’s why their most recent updates have begun looking at social signals to help determine rankings.

Why? Because they realize that if a site truly has thousands of backlinks, then someone would talk about it somewhere on a social media site.

When you think about it, that makes perfect sense. Because when people find something interesting, they share it with their friends.

In reality, Google knows it’s much harder to create a social presence online. It’s not something that’s easily done.

That’s why they’ve begun relying on social signals much more to truly determine if a site is relevant or not. Currently, the fact is the more social presence you have the higher your rankings will be overall.

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Another major signal that Google has been looking at is diversification of backlinks.

You see, Google ONLY wants sites that grow naturally. This means that instead of one type of backlink, a natural grown site will have many different types of backlinks from many different sources.

That’s why one of the main keys to higher rankings has always been a very diverse backlink profile with normal backlinks, .gov/.edu backlinks, social bookmarks, etc.

Because natural sites is all that Google wants, they tend to rank those higher and they ALWAYS stick more. Meaning they don’t lose their rankings over time or dance.

That’s where this software really shines. It is one of the easiest ways to give your sites a diverse linking profile due to the thousands of social bookmarks it can automatically create.

When you combine these social signals with your normal backlinking techniques, it has a synergistic effect that makes your site look natural to Google’s robots.

This natural look leads to higher rankings that stick over time and is why this software is so powerful!

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This software is great for ranking sites for very low competition keywords. It’s best used as part of your overall strategy. When you combine these links with your normal linking techniques, it will have a much powerful effect! So keep that in mind!

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