The Ultimate High PR Backlinking Secret – A Continual Source Of High PR Keyword-Focused Links

The Ultimate High PR Backlinking Secret

Tumblr is a popular blogging platform, but it remains largely undiscovered by link builders.

With the right method Tumblr is a prime source for building quality links to your site where you control the clickable anchor text.

Adding this method to your current backlinking strategies will further help create a diverse and authority driven backlinking profile that makes Google smile.

Ultimately, having a diverse link profile plays a vital role in ‘wooing’ Google to rank you higher for more keywords.

==> Jump in and find out how to build links with tumblr by uing this Ultimate High PR Backlinking Secret


When it comes down to it, this is a simple way to build high PR backlinks that will boost rankings and increase profits.

However, PR is not an accurate measure of the value of a link.

You see the PR (or PageRank) we see publicly is notthe true Page Rank that Google sees. It tends to be months out of date, and it is rumored Google adjusts the public PR as to confuse SEOs from reverse engineering their algorithm.

But it does give us a good indication that these links will get indexed and be counted by Google.

So when I say these are high PR links, I mean that the links will pass a good amount of juice to your site, and improve your rankings.

Ultimately this Tumblr backlink method is very simple to do. Its also sometihng you can outsource easily.

The increased backlink authority it brings = more link juice, higher rankings, and higher profits.


I want to be absolutely clear here, because you know I like to tell it how it is. This is not the end-all-be-all solution that will rank you on Google.

However, combining this in with the other strategies in your toolbox will certainly have a VERY positive effect on your rankings. Just like building a house, this is one of the many nails required to get the desired result… which in this case is first page rankings.

I recommend that you use this Ultimate High PR Backlinking Secret along with your other link building techniques as it’s simple, easy to hand off to your team, the links are free, and you will see a definite boost in PR and your rankings… which of course means a boost in profits.

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    Useful information! I have been searching for everything similar to High PR Links for a time now. Many thanks!

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