WP Magic Black Box Plugin – Generates Natural Backlinks in Any Niche Instantly

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If you have been online for a while, you know that the most boring thing on the planet is link building. I mean, how many times you have postponed to do the thing you need to do when it comes to link building.

I know I have done it many, many times.

But, do you know that on average you need to spend at least 1 hour per day per website to get results – That is insane, isn’t it?

Well – Here is a new tool which will build backlinks all by itself: WP Magic Black Box Plugin

It’s just…..Magic!

Peter Garety’s brand new wordpress plugin generates natural/organic backlinks in any niche instantly for extremely fast search engine placement on the page 1 of Google.

WP Magic Black Box Plugin does 3 things to eliminate the manual work of building backlinks.

1. It syndicates the comments that people leave on your blog.

Basically, you get testimonials (social buzz) from all over the place, with this one thing alone.(Google Panda loves this – social buzz is critical to get proper rankings right now)

2. It creates backlinks based on visitor count.

So, you set the settings after how many visitors you want to get a backlink,and the plugin creates it.

3. Plugin creates backlinks to any URL on the web.

For example, you publish some article or guest post, and you want to get backlinks to it. All you have to do is set the setting on WP Magic Black Box Plugin and you are done.

In addition to that, Peter is going to do LIVE training session how to better use WP Magic Black Box to get the best possible results for your websites.

WP Magic Black Box Plugin Review

It’s fantastic for anyone who is trying to boost their SEO efforts and is confused about the “right” way to get social links for maximum appeal to Google, along with spreading your comments to other social media websites for maximum exposure – Simply Amazing!

Things like this always impress me, where someone creates an application that completely changes the way we do business and eliminates one of our outsourcing staff costs.

That’s incredible, and time is our most precious (and expensive) commodity …this will improve our rankings AND save us money/time…beautiful!

Get WP Magic Black Box Plugin here before the price goes up…

WP Magic Black Box Plugin Video Presentation

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3 Responses to WP Magic Black Box Plugin – Generates Natural Backlinks in Any Niche Instantly

  1. SALTOX says:


    Hi Kevin, I just want to ask what is the name of these theme you are using. Is it free? I like it as it is very simple.


  2. cedric says:

    It’s really a great social seo plugin for wordpress. Just bought and install it to my blog, I think i will get a lot more backlinks and traffic, and good thing is that it’s totally automated.

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