WPsBoxPRO – Automatic Backlinks and Scraping Software

It’s blown my mind how hardcore some people get with automated link building. Do I, the Munchweb man, get just as hardcore?

Well all I care about are results and how much work it is. I want increased rankings, higher profits, and to have that done efficiently. I’m always thinking effort vs. reward.

This new Backlink Software WPsBoxPRO from Carson uses a very effective method to build backlinks on autopilot to your sites. Minimum effort, and solid tangible results (higher rankings)…

WPsBoxPRO - Backlinks Building Software

This software build gets blog comment links quickly and efficiently, and you could go INSANE with the amount of links you build, but I prefer a soft touch with dollop of diversity.

These backlinks have proved to be very effective, just remember that they should form part of an overall diverse mix of backlinking methods.

As a mart link builder you might know that the Scrapebox suite does what this software can do. Hardcore link builders love Scrapebox. BUT…

…but Scrapebox costs a whopping $600! Ouch! Carson’s new software has hit the Warrior Forum at a fraction of the price…

==> Click here to see how WPsBoxPRO scrapes Google and then builds links automatically.

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2 Responses to WPsBoxPRO – Automatic Backlinks and Scraping Software

  1. jamespie says:

    how to download this softeware “WPsBoxPRO”?
    i realy like this….

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