Banner Ad Mastery Review – STA 2.0 and an Interesting Traffic Source

Banner Ad Mastery Review

I bought a WSO today and found it quite interesting so I thought I’d share, it’s called: Banner Ad Mastery

And as the name suggests, it’s all about buying banner ad traffic! It’s pretty cool stuff, and I’ve done it a bit before and had great results. It’s dead simple to do once you get the hang of it.

See what you do is, while you’re waiting for your sites to rank, is you type in your desired keyword.

Say, “dog training”.

Then you find the sites on the top spots of Google, and just buy banner ad spots from those sites. It’s cool because:

1) you get really targeted traffic pretty much straight away,

2) if it converts well, you know you’re doing the right thing by targeting that keyword too,

3) if it runs profitably, you can just leave it and have an additional traffic source.

This report is $7 and is full of really useful information about banner ad marketing, I was really impressed at how comprehensive it was. There’s an upsell too for $17 that is a WordPress plug-in that lets you create your own banners and split test them, and I got that also because it looks useful.

It let’s you design banners that get really high click through ratios, pretty damn good value for $17 me thinks!

Anyway, pretty happy with my $24 spent today, I think you’d be well served by checking out the report for $7 if nothing else!

Get Banner Ad Mastery here if you’re interested.

As I understand it this actually a special offer (makes sense, it’s worth far more than the asking price) so you may want to at least check it out quickly in case he pulls the offer.

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  1. Bianca says:

    I was very contented having found your article about Banner Ad Mastery Review – STA 2.0 and an Interesting Traffic Source.


    - Bianca

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