Google Topper – 8 Hidden Google Search Engines for More Traffic

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There are 8 other “top 10″ listings in Google that go completely overlooked.

Everyone just focuses on search, but there’s often quicker and easier traffic available in Google’s other lesser known Search Engines.

Get Google Topper to see the list of all 8 of them.

Here’s the thing, when you know how you can pull in traffic from places like Google image search, Google News etc.

These specialist Google search engines have their own algorithm, and there’s less competition.

For example, on most of my sites Google image search brings me about 30-40% extra traffic. Also I’ve used Google News to bring tens of thousands of visitors in 24 hours by targeting rising trends.

By working in a few simple methods into your existing content plan you can get a big profitable bump to your targeted Google traffic.

You can also get traffic much more quickly, than with Google’s regular search engine.

Mao Fynn walks you through all 8 of these ‘verticals’ showing you successful simple methods to pull in extra traffic, and fast! Click here to Get Google Topper right now >>>

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