Time Money Converter Review – A Site Is Never A Loser With The Right Money Model

Time Money Converter Review

Today I want to go over a topic – a fancy term from mainstream business called “vertical integration”.

In our online world of IM I choose to define the term vertical integration as meaning that you have multiple revenue streams coming in from the SAME overall marketing method. You’re creating income for yourself multiple ways within the same overall technique.

For example: Let’s say you’re currently applying SEO methods to your websites towards the goal of increasing your promotional revenue (with Adsense, Clickbank, etc).

While that’s a strong business model in itself, you may be leaving money on the table that would otherwise be in your pocket if you don’t expand on related opportunities at the same time and branch out within the same overall category.

If we apply a basic vertical integration technique to your sites, the first thing that comes to mind is flipping them at massive profit multiples to buyers who are looking for turn-key already-made sites to build up their portfolio.

Rodrigo Werner has an excellent detailed look at what I’m talking about which he just posted on the forum: Time Money Converter, He talks about his own site-flipping empire and how it’s his biggest money-maker in 2011.

Even when a site has income levels that are only in the $10-$50 range per month it’s actual flip value can be up to 20x higher for the right buyer in the right market…

Rodrigo breaks down his exact secrets that make a site more desirable to buyers, along with how he quickly builds, flips, and profits from them without having to worry about their long term revenue.

Now remember, this is just powerful vertical integration tactic, a way to make money for yourself while you pursue your core methods of building sites continually. The beauty in knowing the right way and place to flip sites for profit is that you can dump your “losers” (sites that didn’t perform as well as you had hoped) for thousands of dollars in some instances with just a few quick tweaks to them for marketability.

Rodrigo takes you through the entire process in multiple instructional videos and case-studies, to the point where you may actually get excited enough to make flipping your full-time money-earner. It’s certainly a tempting path because you’re not dealing with customers, or worrying about the long-term rankings of the sites themselves, or really any other drama that other methods sometimes have.

It’s just an amazing way to keep moving towards your financial goals while still keeping and building the foundation of your IM empire for yourself: [GET] Time Money Converter here…

Now, Many of you people are familiar with Rodrigo because of the great work he has done on the forum.

He really take a personal interest in helping our community reach the million-dollar-plus earnings he has created from their IM efforts, and it shows in his latest flipping secrets guide big-time.

Read others Time Money Converter Reviews about how this is one of the hottest and fastest-growing sectors of our industry, and how you can take advantage of it during this “boom” time also.

Time Money Converter Review - A Site Is Never A Loser With The Right Money Model

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  1. Gatheright says:

    Getting money online is not difficult if you know what you’re doing and you have the right coach helping you become a success.

  2. Kadner says:

    There may be noticeably a bundle to learn this powerful seo tactic. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  3. Elvie says:

    I have just downloaded the product and want to try this out. Any help will be greatly appreciated…Thanks!


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