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A lot of offliners offer a Facebook page service for their customers – which is great, because it can easily add hundreds of dollars to their consulting fee. This is a very shrewd move.

It’s also something that makes part of a complete online marketing package for pretty much every business these days – we’ve reached the point where it is nigh-on unavoidable to discount Facebook as a marketing platform, and it’s something that most offline companies are BEGGING someone to help them with.

There is, however, a hidden risk to managing FB pages that you need to be aware of.

Facebook are constantly developing their backend API (which is good – they are always trying to improve their service and security) and that can lead to the FB plugins you are using to run clients’ or your own pages to stop working (which is bad). This can be a real problem if you are paying for the development yourself, as this gets expensive, or if you are using a cheap plugin that only work for a month and then breaks with the first update. You end up having to buy a new plugin and wasting your time and money setting everything up again.

If you have a lot of clients, this can be a nightmare.

And unfortunately, this is something that a lot of people don’t think about until they get a panicked phone call from their client screaming “My Facebook page is broken!”.

Well, Peter Max, a warrior for whom both Gavin and I have enormous respect, has put out an updated version of his MaxPage Pro WordPress plugin.

This update proves a few things, and should help you sleep easier at night if you are responsible for Facebook pages for clients (or your own sites).

1. It proves that if you invest in good quality tools you come out way ahead – Peter has kept this plugin updated for multiple Facebook updates, and given those updates to existing customers free of charge. He has numerous clients himself and is the kind of guy that refuses to let them, or his warrior-customers, down.

2. It proves that anyone can add Facebook marketing to their arsenal for offline work if they haven’t already. There are numerous step-by-step instructional videos that accompany the plugin and it is super simple to setup, and get advanced techniques such as “Like to reveal” and some other nifty features that would require getting a coder to do custom for you otherwise.

If you already have a developer working for you then I’m sure you’ll be fine when Facebook next updates their system. If you don’t, and want an easy, safe, long-term way of managing your Facebook pages with best-of-class software, then I highly recommend you do yourself a favour and at least check out MaxPage Pro.

I urge you to pay attention to Peter’s advice about clients and anything offline related. He knows his stuff and genuinely looks out for his customers.

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