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What would you do if you picked up a new theme today, and you wanted to use it on all of the sites you had.

Or, if you got a new plugin that was super useful and you wanted to use it on all of your sites?

Or, even if you needed to upgrade wordpress to the latest version on all of your sites?

Or, add a piece of content that you wanted to be on all of your sites?

Or, if you had offline client sites that you needed to make an adjustment to?

That is a lot of “or’s”, but those are all real world situations that we should consider…and in the past, the solution would have been to visit each of those sites one by one, spending potentially hours of time to make the udpates, upgrades, or changes.

Not anymore: WP Web Catcher – Manage All Your Blogs Like a Pimp!

This isn’t one of those sexy things where I get to tell you that you are going to make instant money, or build an empire with, but this is an awesome solution that all marketers should have in their arsenal.

Once you see all of the features, you’ll understand just how useful it can really be.

WP Web Catcher Demo Video

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