Power Lead Snatcher – How to Made $275,846

Get Power Lead Snatcher - How to Made $275,846

More times than not when you buy software and information, it’s a case of you could make some money if you use the software or follow the information, right? Heck, nothing is guaranteed in this world.

Well, I picked up a piece of software called “Power Lead Snatcher” that challenges that “more times than not” rule, and here’s why. What the software can do for you, is to pretty much point you in the exact direction, to the exact person that will more than likely be willing, ready, and able to give you some money. PERIOD.

In a nutshell, here are the 2 most important functions of the software for me…

1. If you select a niche and a location, it will return all the results of the businesses that that have NOT claimed their Google Places Listings.

2. If you select a niche and a location, it will return all the results and filter the ones that could use some serious REPUTATION MANAGEMENT.

Understand this – Those are 2 of the EASIEST foot in the door things that you can offer an offline business, without exception. In one case, a business owner hasn’t claimed the right to manage their own FREE ADVERTISING, and in the other case, the business is losing customers hand over fist because their only reputation is in the Gutter.

==> Get Power Lead Snatcher here…

Power Lead Snatcher Review Video

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