WP Local Search Supremacy Plugin V2 – Offline And Microdata Come Together For Local Supremacy

Get WP Local Search Supremacy Plugin V2

This is critical for anyone doing local consulting. The factors for any local ranking are maps and locally orientated data, citations and the usual SEO we know and love. This plugin is what sends the signals to Google to rank at a town and city level – but it does it through rich snippets.

WP Local Search Supremacy Plugin V2 converts your client site into a fully optimized local site complete with:

1) Call to action,
2) Google maps insertion,
3) Business address information using Microdata,
4) Business hours using Micro data,
5) Social Media integration,
6) Business Review Sites Integration – THIS is huge,
7) KML file output – this tells Google exactly where the business is.

Its a complete local business consulting toolkit. Seriously you could take this to any customer and sell this configuration as a service – its that powerful.

WP Local Search Supremacy Plugin V2 Review

And if you don’t know about micro data and schema-org – you need to get familiar with it. Its all todo with showing rich snippets in the actual search results – very powerful and increases CTR.

This plugin is great – its geared for offline – and its in v2.0 – so its stable and well tested.

==> Get WP Local Search Supremacy Plugin V2.0 here…

Video Overview: WP Local Search Supremacy Plugin V2

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