[Awesome Reviews] The Bamboo Method – Should You Still Fight Google?

[Awesome Reviews] The Bamboo Method

Why would you work against Google?

It is ultimately much more profitable to work with Google and give them what they want. Unless you want another Panda killing your business?

Choosing to focus on strategies that both give Google what they want AND give you maximum impact for the time you spend working is a winning stratetgy that will help your business prosper.

Here is how way to do both: The Bamboo Method

Max Impact Post Panda

Many of you know that I focus on maximum rewards for minimum effort. I would rather grow my business by focusing on strategies that have the BIGGEST impact for the least amount of effort.

Understanding the quick, easy and small changes you can make to get results can have big impacts on both your overall profitability as well as your lifestyle.

What are you doing that’s new?

Post Panda SEO strategies have changed a lot in the last year.

As we have worked through the process of reverse engineering the algo changes from the Panda update, many of us have realized the need to give our businesses every possible advantage with SEO.

Those with current, accurate knowledge of what works and what doesn’t are ultimately more successful than those who lack it by continuing to use outdated strategy.

Panda has forced major changes in my business. We test strategies faster, and we focus even more on quality, usability and branding.

What has not changed over the course of understanding Panda and it’s impacts is that it is more difficult than ever to rank new sites!

What this means to those of us starting brand new websites on a regular basis to further grow our businesses is that post Panda ranking is a more time consuming and difficult process than previously.

This in itself is a major opportunity!

When the fence is higher, it lowers competition!

Only by keeping up with the latest trends can you stay ahead and crush your competition…

Find out what is working post panda for Joshua Morris in his latest WSO. He might be an unknown in the WSO arena, but that’s because he’s busy working out in the ‘field’.

==> Get The Bamboo Method right now!

P.S – This method works for any niche and is essential info to know before you put up your next site!

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