Commission Trends SEO Unique Plugin – Automated HOT trends from Google, eBay & Alexa…

Get Commission Trends SEO Unique Plugin

This is a really new and unique wordpress plugin which combined with the commission trends course is awesomely powerful.

Simply put it scours trending keywords from Google, Ebay pulse and Alexa Whats Hot, provides that data within the plugin interface so you can choose the niche to build – and then the tool will create a site around it – pre-scheduling content combined with your affiliate link already inserted.

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Commission Trends Review

Trending words have Zero competition

Yes the key to this is when you have trending keyword – it will have zero competition – so the aim is simply to get a site out there as quickly as possible – and you will be on page one in no time.

The system includes training on finding aged and PR domains and monetizing them. Combined its an excellent package.

Trending topics are very hot and easy to rank for. However, remember that automation can only take you so far.

By being smart you can use automation to add value to an existing site, or alternatively use it in a blog network of feeder sites.

I do not want you thinking that an automated plugin like this is a business in itself, it is not. Its a tool to add value, and help drive more traffic.

There are many options in how you can apply this for a powerful effect.

Commission Trends SEO Unique Plugin features

Get Commission Trends, This is the first plugin I’ve seen to capitalise on trending terms – enabling you to jump in before other affiliates do.

Commission Trends Introduction Video

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