Total Niche Takeover 2012 – The Simple Google ‘Search Plus’ Method

Just a few days ago Google announced its most radical ‘search’ changes yet. What was it? Search Plus.

Google Search Plus pulls from relevant content on the Google Plus network and creates a ‘window’ next to normal search results showing relevant information to your search.

In other words, there’s now two #1 spots. The normal search engine ranking, and the Google + ranking.

Much like how SEO was easy to dominate in the early stages of the internet, this new change provides a wide open field for marketers like us.

Simon’s new WSO shows you exactly how to boost traffic and reap the profits for any keyword using this brand new system: Total Niche Takeover 2012


It’s a common saying that the early bird gets the worm.

In that same regard, the first people to act in new online markets seem to always profit the most.

Take Amazon Associates and the PPC industry for example. Those of us that were fortunate enough to be the first ones in had the privilege of using PPC and bidding on product name keyword.

This made many people a small fortune!

But those that got in late missed the boat and lost out on huge profits when they changed their rules to prevent that practice.

The same applies here with Search Plus. Those that get in early and start creating relevant content on the Google + network will reap ALL the traffic and profits.

Those that don’t will miss out and kick themselves for it later.

This product by Simon covers the Search Plus update and gives you everything you need to start monetizing Google’s latest change.

Total Niche Takeover 2012


What also stands out about this is that it’s the full package.

In this, Simon not only shows you how to profit using this new update, but also how to structure sites the correct way to rank in BOTH the normal and Search Plus engines in 2012.

He covers:

1. How to monetize with Search Plus (the most important part),

2. His niche research method that uncovers super hot niches,

3. His 3 step system that accurately predicts whether he’ll get a #1 spot,

4. How to uncover the best domains,

5. The right way to build sites in 2012 (gives Google exactly what they want),

6. and a lot more…

All in all, if you want to profit off one of the newest changes in Google now is the time to act.

Get Total Niche Takeover 2012 now and start preparing your business for the future.

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