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WordPress SEO Blueprint Review

WordPress SEO Blueprint is an incredible wordpress plugin and it went almost completely unnoticed. It’s a copy paste ‘site-creation’ template that allows you to put together an entire optimized WordPress site in minutes so you get indexed quickly in Google and start ranking.

It even automatically builds links to your posts, as well as automating a number of other critical and mundane tasks. This is a real gem that saves you a ton of time and gives your sites a solid jump start in Google.

==> Check out the videos here: WordPress SEO Blueprint


In a nutshell, a WP site-creation template is a template that allows you to set up entire site with all of the correct plug-ins, tools, and settings in minutes.

With this plugin your new site will hit the ground running.

This template sets up each site so that it:

1. Auto builds hundreds of instant backlinks to each post.
2. Automatically internally links posts to one another (interlinking is a BIG thing with Google right now).
3. Has faster load times (which decreases bounce rate and boosts rankings).
4. Has all of the OPTIMIZED plug-ins necessary to skyrocket to the first page.
5. Inserts social media links for each post.
6. Creates Image, Mobile, Video, AND XML Sitemaps for Google’s enjoyment
7. and even ads in a few extra layers of security.

If you were to set up all of this yourself, it would take 1-2 hours MINIMUM, if not 4+ hours…

But instead with this template it sets them up in minutes, perfectly optimizes them for Google AND builds backlinks and interlinks posts.

Get WordPress SEO Blueprint now to see the magic happen:

P.S – Essentially, this is a really cool way to pump out sites with minimal effort. You know I’m crazy on minimum effort, maximum results, and this plugin delivers! It does the job of several plugins, and even covers optimization (like site speed) which I’ve spent thousands on addressing. I honestly can’t believe barely anyone has seen this gem.

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4 Responses to [WordPress SEO Blueprint] Ultimate All-In-One Auto-Software

  1. Dorthy Dreiling says:

    Happy New Year website owner! I found your website on Google and as an SEO specialist I have an offer for you that I think you will find very useful. There’s a WordPress addon that automatically does SEO for your page for better rankings, it’s a 1-click install that’s not expensive at all. It will help you make more money from your website and drive more daily visitors to your pages.

  2. jeremy says:

    Thanks you for your post, SEO/Google question: My WordPress sitemaps had pages with URLs like “….com/interests/” but google shows “…com/interests.html” which isn’t valid. How do I fix this? I have the WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast, which makes a site map for the pages. I checked the site map and its listing is correct as “..com/interests”
    I’ll be back to read more next time

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