Amazonian Gold Rush – Get 100 High Converting Cash Sucking Video Reviews

Get Amazonian Gold Rush

Are you with Amazon? People who try to make it in Amazon always go after the WRONG NICHES.

People think that if they promote HIGH TICKET Items which are just expensive, they will end up making a LOT of Commissions, but sadly, that is NOT the case!

See the kind of Amazon products that you must be targetting: Amazonian Gold Rush

You see, when it comes to promoting stuff on, there are 4 factors which can really make or break your income.

Amazon is a REALLY TRUSTED company and people just buy products from their website because of their BRAND VALUE.

This makes it EASY for us Internet Marketers and all we need to do is to SEND PEOPLE who are searching for physical Products directly to Amazon.

Now, instead of building full blown Review sites, you can simply make videos instead and just upload them to youtube and other video Sharing websites.

Why?? Because:

a) You don’t need to worry about getting domain names/hosting,
b) You don’t need to worry about getting traffic from google,
c) You don’t need to worry about installing wordpress and making beautiful review sites,
d) You don’t need to spend hours upon hours on writing product reviews which simply don’t convert!


I am a successful Amazon Affiliate and I myself do Video marketing to sell Amazon Products by making Video Reviews after carefully picking products which meet my criteria after hours upon hours of work.

I have noticed that..

1) Video pre sells the visitor much better than text. You’ll see higher conversion rates.
2) People prefer watching videos over text.
3) Video also forces visitors to stay on your site longer which helps with your search engine ranking because Google likes it when people stay on your site for a longer period.
4) Video shows that your site was relevant to the search result and you’ll get a push in search engine rankings.

Amazonian Gold Rush Great Results

So when you start promoting Amazon products with Videos, you naturally tend to get a higher CTR and Higher conversions!

Frank Dang and his team have really done a lot of hardwork and they have created an excellent Full Amazon Business in a box package “Amazonian Gold Rush“.

They are offering you..

1) A list of 100 high converting products which:
* Are Rated 4 stars and higher,
* Have more than 10 Real User reviews,
* Are priced above $100,
* Are NOT Electronic Gadgets,

2) 100 High converting cash sucking Video Reviews.

Hit the link to Get Amazonian Gold Rush at the lowest price possible…

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