IMDbClone Script WSO – 100% Automated Movie Site Updates!

Get IMDbClone Script WSO - 100% Automated Movie Site Updates!

The movie industry rakes in over a BILLION dollars a year, churning out and releasing hot new films nearly every day.

It’s a smokin’ hot niche, but presents a HUGE problem for webmasters – how to keep up with all the content that needs to go on your site to keep it current and profitable.

I have run across a new IMDb clone script that is MILES AHEAD of any other I have ever seen! The websites it creates look fantastic and the site updates are 100% automated.

Click here to see the live demo site created by IMDb clone script.

IMDb Clone Script Review

RARELY do we get the opportunity to have a 100% automated out-of-the- box solution with such high quality content:

1. 1000+ movies, posters, trailers, videos and photos.

2. Playing in theaters right now.

3. Show times and tickets US, UK and Canada.

4. Latest, most watched, and opening this week movie trailers.

Too many features to list! Get IMDbClone Script and check out the extensive list of features.

IMDb Clone Script Features

What I like about this script is that you can be up and running in a hurry and then move straight on to promotion. A high quality site with very little investment in time.

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3 Responses to IMDbClone Script WSO – 100% Automated Movie Site Updates!

  1. Kera says:

    It’s the second time when i’ve seen your site. I can gather lots of hard work has gone in to it. It’s actually good. Lots of great SEO products and information here! :)

  2. Brandon says:

    I am planning to create a movie site, Could you tell me more about this script?

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