WP Auto Tube WordPress Plugin Review – Great Tip For Lowering Bounce Rate

WP Auto Tube WordPress Plugin Review

Post panda, apart from content quality – Google is looking at other factors for authority and quality of your site. One of the most obvious metrics that it pulls from Analytics is ‘time on site’. The other (which is it doesn’t need analytics for) – is bounce rate.

A simple trick for increasing both of these metrics is incorporating a video in your posts, and of course Youtube videos are the easiest and fastest way of doing this. Especially as the content is geared for embedding…so there is no need to worry about copyright issues.

Here is simple but effective plugin for pulling in Youtube videos based on your keyword. You can position the video at multiple places in your post – and even tell it negative keywords – so it does post anything not appropriate.

==> Get WP Auto Tube WordPress Plugin here.

Its straightforward to use – very easy to install (I had it up and running in about 30 seconds)…it displays a short form to the right of every post in the editor.

How you can use this:

1. On your money sites to increase these metrics – which will increase your rankings.

2. On your LinkJuiceForce sites to make them more authentic and natural.

Read more real users WP Auto Tube WordPress Plugin Reviews here, and you will also get full developer rights.

WP Auto Tube WordPress Plugin Video

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