Loop Pigeon – New Viral Loop Strategy For Awesome Traffic

Get Loop Pigeon - New Viral Loop Strategy For Insane Traffic

With all the stories abound about SEO Blog networks being de-indexed its getting harder and harder to get genuine Google traffic. If ever there was a time to really get down and focus on viral marketing then its now. Working out how to use link bait and all the strategies in Chris Munches Loop Pigeon is something you MUST start learning.

Viral Loop Strategy

This is a strategy you must look at:

1) You send traffic to a landing page designed to be viral.
2) Use Images to get more traffic from places like Pinterest.
3) Get some cheap paid traffic to kick start the viral explosion.
4) Then funnel people to a Facebook Fan Page using a hook.
5) This then builds a fan page with real viral users which you can then either funnel to your main site, monetize using CPA.

You can even sell this whole service to offline clients.

Loop Pigeon covers in detail exactly how todo this. Get Loop Pigeon here.. its good value – and amazing powerful once implemented.

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