[Get] WP NeXus RSS – Cool RSS SEO Plugin And Training

[Get] WP NeXus RSS - Cool RSS SEO Plugin And Training

If you didn’t know RSS stands for really simple syndication and its the method that blogs and sites use to get content out in a smaller packets to distributors around the web.

Where it comes into its own is that once someone or something has subscribed to a rss feed then every time you update your blog they get the content updated automatically. This gives you more traffic and more link opportunities.

The Clever Bit

Now if every time your RSS stream was published it was keyword optimised then Google will treat that with increased priority. Imagine if the feed was also randomised – then each time there is a change Google will see a completely fresh page.

Rich Henderson is a master at the RSS stuff. He’s built a plugin “WP NeXus RSS” that does all of this on auto-pilot. You just install and configure. Very nice. But he went further and realised that not every knows how to get the most out of RSS.. and he built an awesome training course that covers the following:

* Video 1 – Critical Feed Setup
* Video 2 – Feedburner and Pipes
* Video 3 & 4 – Feed Agregators
* Video 5 – Profilactic
* Video 6 – Pingin
* Video 7 – RSS Directories
* Video 8 & 9 – Promoting your promotions
* Video 10 – Maships
* Video 11 – Conclusion

The good bit is that its all been included with the plugin. (NO upsell/OTO or anything else to buy.)

WP NeXus RSS Review

You can get this software and training in one bundle – its very effective.

==> Get WP NeXus RSS right here…great value developer license and training.

WP NeXus RSS Plugin Video

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  1. Lamke says:

    Woah! I’m really loving the theme of this blog. It’s simple, yet effective.

    and yes, WP NeXus RSS is really a cool RSS seo plugin. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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