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The most important business fundamental for a business is sales turnover. To increase the turnover, you need to increase the number of customers.

Keeping customers makes good business sense, but it’s not always easy, especially if your potential customers have to struggle to find you or your contact information.

You don’t want your potential business partner to look through pages to pages to find your contact information. Remember, every lost visitor is a lost sale.

Keep your customers feel special with one click and they will buy your services and products, over and over again.

Increased conversions and trust is the same as increased $$ revenue

WP Total Contact is the new WordPress plugin, which puts your entire social media and contact channels in the one place every potential customer, will see them.

I used this plugin on my JV blogs, coaching and services pages and I found that it is very tempting to offer my best deals to new customers though this plugin.

It not only build trusts, but customers and potensial partners are finding my information on every page and are contacting me to solve their issues.

I used it to integrate Skype, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest and direct emailing through every page of my website and blogs. And, the results are astonishing.

From the time, I started using WP Total Contact plugin; I witnessed a surge in my contact conversions.

I tested this plugin on my other sites too and this time with the integration of Google Map and received even better results.

After all, the whole point of a website is to make a connection from the business owner to the customer.


And, the WP Total Contact plugin does that with ease.

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